Home Teeth Whitening

ONLY £249



Mention our special code 'ROCK-WHITE-AW' at the time of booking and you will receive Home teeth whitening including Custom Trays and Whitening Gel for £249 (Normally £350)!!

Zoom Power Whitening

An in-surgery treatment. A whitening gel is applied directly to your teeth and then an LED light is used to accelerate whitening for maximum results in 60 minutes.

Home Whitening

We will make your custom made trays, you will then be supplied with whitening gel that you will apply to the trays yourself; they can be used day or night.

Enlighten Whitening

A combination of two weeks of home whitening with custom made trays and gel to use before you go to bed, followed by 1 hour of power whitening in surgery.



Ready for a 
Dazzling White Smile?

Tooth Whitening by the team at Rock House Dental Practice provides a safe, quick way to a brighter, whiter smile.

Who doesn't love a white bright smile, and there are a variety of different solutions available to help you to improve your smile.

Our team of experienced tooth whitening cosmetic dental team are able to offer different solutions to fit your lifestyle.