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Your Patient Journey with Rock House Dental Practice

First Contact:

The first contact is often through the telephone 01902 751 618 or via email Please feel free to complete the contact form prior to coming in to the practice.

Once you have provided us with your details, a practice information leaflet will be sent to you.

Pre Screening:

Often, the first consultation appointment is made with our Treatment Coordinator (TCO) who listens to your dental concerns. During the pre screening various parameters like anxiety scales and vital signs are recorded.

Dentist Consultation:

After the TCO has presented the case to the dentist, a thorough examination of your oral health is completed. A complete examination report is formulated and you are provided with a treatment plan estimate.

Reflection and Explanation of Treatment:

Once the dentist has given an initial explanation of all treatment options then you are able to again see the TCO who will provide you with any further information on the treatment options should you require them. The TCO will then arrange all your appointments at times and dates to suit you.

dentist wolverhampton
dentist wolverhampton
dentist wolverhampton

Patient Testimonials

What do you consider to be the most valuable aspect of your experience with us?

"Being made to feel at ease from the point of booking to your last treatment"

Is there any improvement that we could make improve your experience?

"No, all of my experiences have been excellent"

"I am more than happy with how my Dentist handles my treatments, keep up the good work! Anoup feels more like a friend than a dentist which very much helps with my nerves"

What do you consider to be the most valuable aspect of your experience with us?

"Overcoming my phobia of 'The dentist' and knowing I will not be terrified when my next appointment comes around"

Please feel free to make any further comments...

"Althought a nervous patient, which must make the dentist feel aweful; When treating me Rock stops at nothing to ease my fears and make me feel comfortable, I am very grateful. 

How does your experience in our practice differ from others?

I have been a patient at Rock since I was a child, I have always been treated well but following a recent leadership change I am even more impressed. I'm a nervous patient at best but I am always put at ease. 

How does your experience with us differ from others?

"Much more friendly and relaxed environment" 

How does your experience with us differ from others?

"My appointments are not rushed. Plenty of time is granted for each procedure. I felt more comfortable and able to ask questions about my treatments and was not make to feel a fool for asking"

Tell us about your experience...

"My experience with Rock dates back to 6th April 2010. Since that time I have very much appreciated improved dental health due in my humble opinion to the regular (3/6 month) treatments by my dentist and very professional hygienist".

"Recently, I have had a new upper denture fitted as it was giving me trouble beforehand. In the event, when the new denture was fitted , I was pleasantly surprised at how quickly and without endless modifications, that it had become comfortable. That experience to me was confirmation that my overall dental health was in safe hands. Thanks very much"

Tell us about your experiences..

"I have total confidence in my dentist at Rock Dental. He explains every aspect of my treatments diligently and the reasons why it is either necessary or advised. Good advice led me to make informed decisions about the care of my implants". 

Please tell us about your experience with us...

"Having had bad dental experiences since a child, I was nervous about every visiting a dentist again. Having seen an advert 'Nervous Patients Welcome' I plucked up the courage and called. Once I managed to get myself to the surgery Dr Anoup and his team worked hard to provide 1-2-1 comfort and help me to relax. It took a number of visits before I felt at ease as I was embarrassed by the look and condition of my teeth but now I no longer dread my dental visit. After intrusive work with implants I smile with confidents as much as possible. So glad I visited Rock".

Rock House Dental Practice, Tettenhall - Dentist Wolverhampton

Experienced, warm team of dentists lead by Anoup Nandra - 'BEST DENTIST' Winner.

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