Dermal Fillers & Lip Plumping

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Dermal Fillers & Lip Plumping

Dermal filler treatments

At Rock House Dental Practice we use products from the Juvederm and Restylane Range.

A natural beauty lift – Impressions of beauty change with time – as do our faces as we age. With Dermal Fillers, you can have a natural beauty lift using material found naturally in the body.

Dermal fillers are used to soften and contour lines, folds, and wrinkles. Dermal Fillers are a crystal-clear, non-animal, biodegradable gel based on a natural substance, called hyaluronic acid. The solution is injected into the skin to add volume and create a more youthful appearance. Dermal Fillers are an ideal solution for patients wanting to soften deep lines from the mouth to nose area, lip lines, enhance thin lips, create a more defined lip border, and to lift the corners of the mouth.

Restylane and Perlane

Restylane and Perlane are dermal fillers consisting of a non-animal clear gel that will help smooth your wrinkles and folds and create contours. Restylane and Perlane treatments are FDA approved and has been used on millions of women and men with minimum adverse reaction. The product range is diverse which can be used to sculpt the cheeks, enhance the lips, and treat deep to fine lines on the face and neck.

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