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Some lovely reviews and testimonials from our amazing patients. We are so fortunate that patients take the time out to review our services. This allows us to continually review and modify our services and ensure that we are delivering the best possible service to our patients. In order to deliver the very best dental care we believe it is important to listen to what our patients say about us. It's always great to have feedback!

Looking for a Dentist Wolverhampton? Choose a dental practice that you can trust. We aim to provide our patients with the best dental care possible as well as making sure that they feel comfortable during their treatment. Most of our patients find us through word of mouth recommendations, something we are extremely proud of.

Below you will find some of our online reviews, plus you are able to watch some video reviews and testimonials from our patients. Real patients, real reviews. Totally genuine, non-scripted opinions about us. The Dentist Wolverhampton video reviews can also be found on our YouTube page.

In addition, click the following link to read a blog post about the importance of checking out practice reviews prior to choosing a dental practice.

Dentist Wolverhampton Online Reviews

I cannot recommend this dentist highly enough. They are kind, considerate and eminently professional. They were also nothing short of amazing when my autistic son needed s wisdom tooth removed. They were so expert and understanding with him they removed the tooth without the need for a general anaesthetic and hospital visit. Brilliant.

Sheena Parry

This practice has a very professional and relaxed feel about it. The treatment is carefully planned and executed. Overall very happy with the service provided. Would definitely recommend to others.

Simran Bhogal

negative review Never heard of your practice before until a particular member of staff (who used to bully me back in school ) felt the need 20 years on to continue to hurl abuse at me over social media. This was after I'd already declined him help on two occasions over the last 4/5 years after he messaged me directly for advice. I'm not one to hold a grudge but clearly this 'Doctor' couldn't take being ignored and then felt the need to repeat all the nasty and belittling comments like he used to in school. This is a 32 year old medical professional by the way who thinks it's still acceptable to say such inappropriate comments which could easily effect somebody's mental health. Should anyone require any supporting evidence to back this claim I have all the relative conversations from Karan Jolly himself. As a supporter of mental health I will not tolerate or support such individuals/ companies whatsoever!

Raj Kular

Awesome, really feel at home with the team.. and in Anoup's care 🙂

Colin AT

I was very happy with all aspects of my visit to Rock House. From the very welcoming staff, to the excellent professionalism of the team who undertook my treatment. The practice itself was very clean and well maintained, and I would definitely recommend it to others! Thanks to everyone at Rock House for making me so comfortable!

Rajan Chaudhry

Having had bad experiences in the past I am never a regular patient. But the staff at Rock Dental really helped me overcome my fear and I have been smiling ever since! Highly Recommended!

Joel Brown

I am most fortunate to have Rock Dental Practice as my surgery, since the first day I walked into their practice over three years ago, I have received nothing less than a very warm and courteous reception from all staff. I have required some dental work which was crucial, the time, care and the level of work done was Ace and the time and dedication given in explaining what procedure I need to help me understand what need to be done is also Ace . Thank you for your care and professionalism.

Geneva Carney

I was out of the area I needed a dentist ASAP so from word of mouth I was recommended to go to Rock House Dental Practice and what a dentist. One of the best Practice I have been to yet, clean and tidy and the staff where like family to me very welcoming I will visit again when and if I eat too many sweets thank you all

manjinder sehra

Ultimate Halloween horror today. I went to the dentist this morning. It was a long job. I was given a local anaesthetic, layed back horizontally in the chair. Various clamps and grips were fixed in my mouth to keep my mouth open and my head still. Above me were three white bright lights. The surgeon set to work with her high speed drill. My mouth filled with water and I gasped to get my breath...Then.....Then I saw the WASP.
It circled me angrily, trying to get to the light.
Frantically I gasped and gurgled and pointed to the wasp .........
Just joking folks! Although there really was a big fat wasp in the surgery it was high on the ceiling and a familar sight to the team.
Excellent work done yesterday on my 4 front teeth. Thank you very much.

Stuart Cross

Excellent first visit to the Rock Dental Practice. All the staff are friendly and professional. Particularly liked the 'real time' discussion about the Xray results - shown on a screen in the surgery a few minutes after they were taken. Can't get much better than that for patient care.

Martin Crossley

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