New Patients at a Trusted Wolverhampton Dentist

Welcoming New Patients At a Wolverhampton Dentist

Are you looking for a new Wolverhampton dentist? Whatever the reason that you may be searching for a new dental practice, we are able to help. We welcome all new patients at Rock Dental. The practice will ensure that your journey with us is comfortable and easy.

Tips on choosing a dentist

It can be difficult to choose which Wolverhampton dentist to visit, especially if you have moved to a new area. There are lots and lots of dental practices in Wolverhampton and the surrounding area. As much as we'd prefer for you to choose us as your Wolverhampton dentist, here are some tips to help you:

  • Ask for recommendations from your friends and family. Which Wolverhampton dentist do they belong to? Word of mouth recommendations are a great way of identifying if the practice is for you, particularly if it is from someone you trust. The vast majority of our patients find us through word of mouth recommendations.
  • Check out online reviews as these will help you learn what other patients are saying. Great sites for online reviews are google, yell, yelp etc... We're really proud of our online reviews and, you can see them here.
  • How accessible is the practice? Try to choose a Wolverhampton dentist that suits you. Does the practice have parking? Is there an evening or Saturday clinic? You decide what you need from your practice. Rock Dental has plenty of parking, and is open late on a Tuesday as well as providing a Saturday morning clinic.
  • Look at the practice website to make sure that the dental practice offers the treatments you require. It is also helpful to check out the practice fees so you know what you can expect to pay. You can view Rock Dental's fees here.

Why choose us as you Wolverhampton Dentist?

You have lots of choices when choosing a dentist in Wolverhampton, and, we would love for you to choose us. If there is anything we can do to help you, we genuinely will. Our aim is to treat all our patients as we would our own friends and family. If we are not meeting your expectations at any point, then please tell us.

Treatment Coordinator

You can discuss any aspect of your dental care with our Treatment Coordinator. Tell us what treatments you need. Explain your previous experiences of dentistry, so that, we can build a fuller picture of how we can help. The treatment coordinator will guide you through your journey at the practice. She will arrange an appropriate appointment, with the right dentist for you. If you are enquiring about a type of dental treatment, she will give you information about that specific treatment. The treatment coordinator will make any financial arrangements that you need.

Confidential Medial History Form

Before you see the clinical team, you will need to complete a confidential medical history form. This is a bit of an onerous process, but it provides valuable information about you to the clinician. This allows us to help shape the care we provide for you. It is also a requirement by law.

You can access an online version of the form by clicking the link below:

Medical History

New Patient Examination

Once you see the dentist, he/she will carry out a detailed examination. During your new patient dental examination you can expect the following:

  • Recording of your current medical history. You will need to fill out a medical history questionnaire.
  • Discussion about your dental needs and wishes. Help us to help you, by telling us, in detail, what you don't like about your teeth.
  • Recording of your previous dental experiences in order to identify any issues.
  • We will ask your occupation, whether you are under any stress, if you smoke, drink alcohol, or eat lots of sugary/acidic food or drink. We will ask about your dental habits, for example, how often you brush your teeth.
  • You will have your head an neck checked for any swellings or lumps. Then we will check inside your mouth for any signs of oral cancer. Often a dentist is the first person to pick up any problems, so it is definitely worth attending regularly.
  • You will have the way you bite your teeth together checked.
  • We will check your gums for bleeding, swelling or pocketing in order to check for gum disease.
  • Your teeth will then be examined for decay, fractures or any other problems.

A full explanation

There is lots of technology available to help identify any dental disease, and to show this to you. We use intra-oral and extra-oral cameras to take photos to help you understand and see what is wrong in your mouth. Digital radiographs that display on the screen form part of the examination, in order to identify any problem not visible to the naked eye.

After your examination

At the end of your examination, we will discuss the various treatments (if any) that are available to you. However, the choice is yours if you wish to proceed with any treatment. We will also discuss a suitable interval for you to return for a check-up. This is individual to each patient and could be anything between three months and two years. It all depends on your risk for dental treatment.

Contact us and make an appointment

Flexible and responsive to your needs, you can contact us via telephone, email or our website. Failing that, you could simply just pop in for a chat and to book an appointment, there is plenty of on-site parking available. We will arrange an appointment for you at the practice. The appointment is with a Wolverhampton dentist for a new patient examination, or if you prefer, with the treatment coordinator for a free of charge consultation.


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