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Tooth Implant

A missing tooth is a growing concern for many people. There any many reasons for losing teeth, from trauma to dental decay or gum disease. Now a solution is available - Dental Implant!

No longer do you have to wear dentures, or have dental bridges. Tooth implants can easily be inserted into your mouth to appear and behave as natural teeth, allowing you to smile with confidence once more.


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Many dental practices provide treatments with Dental Implantology We like to think that the experience we provide is second to none.

Dr Nandra is trained to Masters Level in dental implants and has lectured internationally on the subject. He has trained many dentists in the field of dental implants and has been involved in dental implantology since 2003.

Awards - Best Young Midlands Practitioner

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Why choose a Dental Implant

When it comes to your options Crowns, dentures or bridges offer a solution but are not cosmetically sound plus they do not stop bone loss.

Its also worth considering that a Crown or a bridge will require the grinding down a healthy tooth or teeth which places them at risk of cavity formation and failure.

Of course dentures are often uncomfortable as the jawbone shrinks causing eating and speech problems.

Dental bridges are supported by teeth at either side, crowns are also attached to existing tooth, but an implant is often fixed on its own and does not rely on or is supported by any other.

A dental implant is the most natural option available, very similar to normal teeth, designed to stimulate the jaw and of course prevent any bone loss.